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    NFIB: How to Ask Family and Friends to Invest Summer 2010

    Casey Burke Bunn, who founded the online RSVP tracking website, sent packages through the mail that included a color copy of her business plan, her resume, resumes of board members, and a personalized letter to family and friends

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    Richmond BizSense: You Go, Girl May 7, 2010

    Bunn, who started building her business in March 2008, said that one of the most important things for someone looking to start a business is to look for a very specific unfulfilled need

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    VOTE: 04/10

    Better still, a combination of both methods could work wonders if someone devised a way to coalesce them. And that is exactly what this site aims to do: bring evitations closer to paper invitations.

  • Twitter4 April 1, 2010

    Remember the days of sending out real paper invitations to your friends and then waiting patiently by the phone for them to call with their response?

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    RTD: RSVP sparks wedding: I Do, I Do: Kayleigh Wince and Brian Nabili 02/10

    Kayleigh and Brian Nabili moments after the vows at historic The Mill at Fine Creek. The wedding was unbelievable! We are so grateful to everyone, exclaimed the delighted newlyweds.

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    WTVR CBS6 Virginia This Morning 11/09

    Casey Burke Bunn, Founder of, shares tips on the Virginia This Morning talk show on CBS 11/09.

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    Greater Richmond GRID Innovators Fall 2009

    "Burke smiles and jokes that her own wedding was the first guinea pig to test out RSVPhere. com."

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    WTVR CBS6 Virginia This Morning 07/09

    Casey Burke Bunn, Founder of, shares her story on the Virginia This Morning talk show on CBS 07/09.

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    Richmond Times-Dispatch 05/09

    BIZ BUZZ COLUMN: Web site helps with head counts for events

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    Maggie Linton Show

    Casey Bunn, 31, from Richmond VA is a multi-entrepreneur. A VCU grad, she started a software company at the age of 25 and published a book called, “Oh Crap I Need an App”. As a new mom last year after a ski trip with her daughter, she saw a need and started a new baby product company called Handsocks. It’s like a mitten, but better with a whole collection planned for growth. She's a start-up guru full of inspirational stories to help others move in the direction of their dreams too.

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